by Ally Hilfiger

At the end of Bite Me, I share focus wheel and written intention exercises that are powerful spiritual tools that help me beat Lyme, and that you can use to help manifest anything you want too! First, let’s go over focus wheels.

The focus wheel is based on Sheila Bath’s reinterpretation of the Abraham-Hicks’ teachings on the Law of Attraction, which I’ve adapted here. It’s called a focus wheel because you can choose any topic to focus on, whether you are looking for health and recovery from Lyme, to body image and self-esteem, to finding a partner, it can be whatever you want!

All you need to make a focus wheel is a little time, faith, a pad and pencil.

FW1 Page 3

Here is an example of a focus wheel I made and shared at a talk I gave, as well as a blank template you can use to print or model after your own.



  1. Print your focus wheel template, or draw your own. You can think of it as a sun. There should be a circle in the center with 12 sunburst rays coming out.
  2. At the top of the page, write today’s date.
  3. Next, write, “I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE!!!” Then, “I am so grateful to [the universe, God, higher power, the ocean, energy—whatever you want]”.
  4. Then, write, “Today is the best day of in my life so far and it is so” (or you can choose to focus on the whole year, upcoming week or month, etc).
  6. Next, write, 12 statements alternating between “I love it when…” and “I love that…”

Use my focus wheel on health as an example. These statements are written in the present tense (even if they haven’t happened yet) because you have to pretend a little, and ALWAYS STAY IN THE POSITIVE in order to manifest what you want. Rather than using language like, “I hate that I’m always tired,” you have to figure out how to turn those things into positive by thinking “I love that I am always well rested.”



Now, let’s go over Written Intentions. This exercise is really fun because you can go on and on and put in as many details as possible, which for these, is important to do. The more specific you can be, the better!


  1. On a blank page, write the date at the top of the page.
  2. Then write five things you are grateful for.
  3. Next, write five intentions you want to create for your life, starting with “I INTEND AND CREATE NOW…”

This exercise may seem silly, or ridiculous, especially when you’re in a rut, but if you force your pen to the page and get out of yourself, your whole mood will transform before your eyes.



  1. My family
  2. My health
  3. My home
  4. Having love surrounding me always
  5. My close supportive friends
  1. I INTEND AND CREATE NOW that the home that we find is under our budget, airy, light, clean, safe for the children, private, beautiful, will fit all of our furniture and belongings, feels calm and peaceful. May our new home be white with blue shutters, and have land to have a garden big enough to grow seven different types of vegetables and fruit, too. May the soil be rich and healthy. There is enough room for our family vehicles. My family and I are always healthy and happy within our property.
  1. I INTEND AND CREATE NOW that the man of my dreams is available, single, taller than I, has a job, a good honest family with good morals and values, funny, adventurous, fun to be around, creative easy to talk to, gets along with all my friends and family, is supportive, compassionate, empathetic, understanding, on the same wavelength as I am, very handsome, amazing in bed, has perfect chemistry with me, has great taste that is on par with my own, has his goals in a similar directions as I, lives near me, has healthy feelings toward being committed and wanting a family, is very healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.
  1. I INTEND AND CREATE NOW that I feel healthy and productive.
  1. I INTEND AND CREATE NOW to accomplish all that I set out to do today and feel great for it.
  1. I INTEND AND CREATE NOW to travel and see all parts of this beautiful world-.

And that’s it! Now close your eyes and go about your day. See what happens. See what your mindset is like.

I would love to see your own focus wheels and written intentions. Share them on social and tag me @allyhilfiger!