by Ally Hilfiger

I believe everyone should have their own toolbox!

We all have things that make us feel better when we’re not so good, but sometimes we forget. By having a physical toolbox around and getting into the mindset of “collecting” your “tools” to put inside, you’ll never forget how to access them.

My first #WhatsInMyToolbox post is all about raising your vibration.

We are all made up of vibrational energy. We have a control over how we can raise or lower that vibration. I choose to raise mine so that I can feel magnificent and well mentally, physically and spiritually.


Here are some tools to help me do this:

Young Living Essential Oils – These are some of the purest and most potent oils I have ever found. Each oil has a different healing function both physically and even emotionally! The way they harvest their oils is very sacred as well. I use Thieves to clean my house, and put it on my feet when I travel for my immune system. Sacred Mountain makes me feel grounded and strong, while Purification helps when I feel stuck both mentally and physically.

Palo Santo – I love the smell of Palo Santo. I burn in when I want to make my house feel calm and whole.

Sage – Sage can be used in so many different ways. I burn it underneath my feet, and around all the entrances in my home as well as corners. Always make sure to open windows to let any icky energy out!

Healing Crystals – I sleep with a rose crystal next to my bed when I feel ill. It is so healing if I am under the weather. I carry amethyst if I need to let information flow out of me for different appearances. I take lapus with me for protection, and I carry the black turmaline to absorb any negative energy around me.

I’m excited to keep share things that help me, and find out about the things that help all of you! Show me what’s in your toolbox by sharing to social and tagging #WhatsInMyToolbox.