BE MAGNIFICENT: Meet Dr. Ellyn Shander

by Ally Hilfiger


I would love to introduce you to the incredible Dr. Ellyn Shander, who saved my life more than once! She saw through what many other doctors had not been able to detect and gave me help, hope, guidance, answers, and strength. If it was not for Dr. Shander recognizing that I had Lyme disease, I might not be alive today. She also helped me heal in four different very crucial levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and transformative into survivor and then warrior. She matured me and guided me into being a magnificent woman who has been able to grasp my deepest inner strength. I am forever grateful for Dr. Shander and our eternal bond.

Dr. Shander is one of the doctors who wrote the epilogue to #BiteMeTheBook. She leads free meditation sessions on her website. Go check her out!